A comparison of human headed winged lion and human headed winged bull

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Dragons in History

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A comparison of human headed winged lion and human headed winged bull

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Fayum Mummy Portrait (Louvre) From c CE, after the Rules of Painting were relaxed under the influence of Greek art. ART OF ISLAM For a brief review of Muslim arts.

The one piece of Mesopotamian art that struck me the most was the Winged Human Headed Bull, also called Lamassu. This high relief struck me because of its power.

Mix-and-Match Critters

It is able to command attention through its size, position, and strangeness. human headed winged bull from Khorsabad, Mesopotamia (16 feet tall!), that once stood in the throneroom of the palace of the Assyrian King Sargon II. Find this Pin and more on Ancient Sumerians by .

A comparison of human headed winged lion and human headed winged bull
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