Essay on rajasthan

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Cultural Tourism in Rajasthan

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Bhoja (reigned c. – CE) was an Indian king from the Paramara kingdom was centered around the Malwa region in central India, where his capital Dhara-nagara (modern Dhar) was located. Bhoja fought wars with nearly all his neighbours in attempts to extend his kingdom, with varying degrees of success.

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Activists disrupt Hindu supremacist conclave in Chicago, evoke violent reaction from extremists. Anti-fascists slogans call for a stop to Hindu fascism during plenary session of World Hindu Congress.

Rajasthan as had a glorious history. It is known for many brave kings, their deeds; and their interest I art and architecture. Its name means “the land of the rajas”. Related Articles: Mughal Architecture in Delhi –.

Rajasthan is a state in the north western region of India.

Essay on rajasthan royals

The state covers an area ofsquare kilometres (, sq mi) or percent of the total geographical area of India. It is the largest Indian state by area and the seventh largest by population.

Essay on rajasthan
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Essay on rajasthan royals