Evolutionary perspective psychology essay

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Evolutionary psychology is an approach to psychology which seeks to explain psychological aspects of human behavior as a function of evolution.

It attempts to identify psychological processes, such as sexual selection and kinship relations, among many other things, as evolved adaptations. Taking a Look at Evolutionary Psychology Essay - Evolutionary Psychology is a practice of social and natural sciences that studies human characteristics through the lens of modern evolutionary theory.

Evolutionary psychology is the science that seeks to explain through universal mechanisms of behavior why humans act the way they do. Evolutionary psychology seeks to reconstruct problems that our ancestors faced in their primitive environments, and the problem-solving behaviors they created to meet those particular challenges.

The Evolutionary Perspective. The variety of perspectives in modern psychology gives researchers and students tools to approach problems and helps them find new ways to explain and predict human behavior, leading to the development of new treatment approaches for problem behaviors.

(Evolutionary Psychology ) these are the basic of evolutionary psychology theory: Darwin’s ‘descent with modification’ theory, Hamilton’s ‘inclusive fitness’ theory, Maynard Smith’s ‘game theory’, and Trivers’ ‘optimization’ theory.

Take for example the theory of ‘inclusive fitness’. Although researchers have long been aware that the species-typical architecture of the human mind is the product of our evolutionary history, it has only been in the last three decades that advances in such fields as evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology, and paleoanthropology have made the fact of our evolution illuminating.

Evolutionary perspective psychology essay
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What is Evolutionary Psycholgy?