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Old Iranian Calendars

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Culture of Iran

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A Look At Iran's Fake American Food Franchises. From Pizza Hat to Mash Donald's bootleg American franchises have been popping. U.S. Runs Headscarf Campaign Against Iran. A U.S. government funded public relation campaign tries to incite women in Iran to break the law.

The reporting of the campaign in western media is unproportionate to its effects in Iran. The Iranian Revolution Essay The Iranian Revolution Iran is a country located in the Middle East.

Culture of Iran

The main source of income for the country is oil, the one object that had greatly influenced its history. In short, the White Revolution was an effort to move Iran into a further western society.

This, in combination with the results of the White Revolution, and Iran's key alliance from the Persian Gulf caused rapid social and economic changes. The Iranian Revolution led to the first major religious revolution in /5(4). history of cuba and the castro revolution, background to revolutioncastro biographies, road to power, castro revolution, Leadership, Race, Social Policies, economy, dissidents, ernesto che guevara, castros cuba.

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