National association of independent colleges and

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National Association of Independent Schools

MICUA is a voluntary association that provides public policy leadership in support of independent higher education, fosters cooperative efforts among member institutions and Maryland's public colleges and universities, serves as the official liaison between independent higher education and the State and Federal governments, and informs the citizens about the significance of its 17 member.

SinceNAICU has served as the unified voice of the nation’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities. With more than 1, member institutions and associations, NAICU reflects the diversity of private, nonprofit higher education in the United States. SinceNAICU has served as the unified voice of the nation’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities.

With more than 1, member institutions and associations, NAICU reflects the diversity of private, nonprofit higher education in the United States.

National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Independent, or private, colleges and universities are diverse in their depth and variety -- in. Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio Founded inAICUO represents privately supported, nonprofit colleges and universities in Ohio, conducting public relations, research and government relations for its members.

Surge in Foreign Students May Be Crowding Americans Out of Elite Colleges. Washington Post.

List of Online Colleges with National Accreditation

December 22, A major increase in international enrollment in recent years has intensified the competition for entry to America’s top private colleges and universities, as ever-growing numbers of applicants angle for the limited supply of seats.

National association of independent colleges and
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NAICU - National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities