The electoral college essay

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There can be no meaningful dialogue premised upon shared values if both political sides only apply those values when it lets them score points. Jun 08,  · Sifting through the wreckage of the election, Democratic pollsters, strategists and sympathetic academics have reached some unnerving conclusions.

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Essay on The Electoral College

Describe the structure and function of the electoral college. How and when was it created in the U.S.? The extraordinary presidential election contest in raised new issues about the electoral process.

In the third edition of After the People Vote: A Guide to the Electoral College, leading constitutional, political, and legal scholars use examples from that controversial election and other disputed elections to explain how the electoral college works. Douglas said that, under the US Electoral College system and its current political demographics, "eight to 10 states will typically 'decide' a presidential election.".

The Electoral College is the United States' archaic process of electing presidents. It was established in the Constitution as a compromise between election by Congress and election by popular vote.

The electoral college essay
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